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LSAT Unplugged offers a competitive pricing structure: $2497 for the first 6 months, followed by a recurring monthly membership of $199 starting from the 7th month onwards.

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LSAT Study Sessions Proven To Increase Your Score More Than Doing It Alone

$2000/month value

...adjusted to your needs so you never go too fast, plateau, or risk burnout

The Ultimate Improve While You're Working or In School Study Blueprint

$199/month value

...for getting amazing study sessions in without blocking off time so you can still get it done

BONUS Resources

The "Never Quit" Accountability System

$1000/month value

...the unparalleled system that works without your permission (it's even gotten students who hate studying to look forward to showing up)

The "Live It Up While Buckling Down" Prep System

$349/month value

...that will give you the freedom to still see friends and live life without feeling like the "odd one out"

What Our Students Are Saying:

Your courses were INVALUABLE -- especially during one of the most competitive admissions cycles in recent memory. I have no doubt that obtaining a high LSAT score was critical. I'm also perfectly happy to forego anonymity and let the world know that you helped me secure a future that undoubtedly enhanced my life.
James Ticknor, 156 to 168
 Just wanted to say thank you. I've made breakthrough after breakthrough thanks to your Logic Games course, and all the material you have available. It was all worth its weight in gold, and I truly admire you and appreciate what you are doing! I could not afford a Kaplan course, but even if I could have, I would have been crazy to choose it over your material. I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know that is taking the LSAT. Thank you again!!! 
Miranda Cook, 159 to 167 on LSAT retake
Here's what you'll get:

Introduction To LSAT


How to get started with LSAT Unplugged

Foundational LSAT


This is the best place to begin. I've put together all the top resources to give you a strong foundation in the basics of the LSAT.

Study Plans


Eliminate the guesswork and use these study plans starting day one so you can study a lot more efficiently, stop procrastinating and take the LSAT.

Logic Games


Full on-demand access to resources covering each type of Logic Game in-depth that allows you to focus exclusively on LSAT Logic Games.

Logic Games Plus


Diagramming strategies, more game explanations and everything else you need to master LSAT Logic Games

Logical Reasoning


Full on-demand access to dozens of resources covering each type of Logical Reasoning question in-depth allowing you to focus exclusively on understanding LSAT Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning Plus

Articles, video explanations, and other exclusive resources to help you maximize performance in the Logical Reasoning section

Reading Comprehension

Full on-demand access to resources covering effective Reading Comprehension strategies and approaches in-depth allowing you to focus exclusively on Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Plus

Comprehensive lessons, resources and tips that lead you to Reading Comprehension success

Live Class Access


180 Mindset


Develop the right mentality so you can raise your LSAT Score by 5, 10, 20, even 30 points. Even if you're not in the "Genius Club"

Test Day Success


Exclusive resources covering what top-performing students do before Test Day to ensure success while others - even smart, talented students - get stuck and don’t know why

[Vault] Logic Games


[Vault] Logical Reasoning


[Vault] Reading Comprehension

This is a much better value than The Starter, and it gives you a ton of LSAT prep material.

You'll get exclusive access to attend every single live online class we offer.
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